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Who We Are

 Zabiha Pacific Meats 

Zabiha Pacific Meats, established in 2018, began as a small, local wholesale supplier of Halal meats based in the Pacific Northwest. Our mission has always been to supply our customers with local, fresh, Halal hand-slaughtered meat. We take pride in the quality of grass-fed lamb, goat, and beef we offer. In the Halal industry, ensuring quality and consistency has been one of the biggest challenges. We have overcome this challenge in multiple ways including raising and purchasing livestock ourselves. All of our meat is sourced from local farmers who humanely raise and handle their livestock.

Since establishing a USDA-certified cut-and-wrap facility in 2021, we are now able to offer retail (direct-to-consumer) meat products via online sales shipped directly to your doorstep, as well as wholesale sales to many grocery stores and restaurants. We offer a wide range of cuts and quantities. Hand-slaughtered chicken will also soon be available.


We are committed to providing you with the best products, in compliance with USDA guidelines and Zabiha practices. 

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